Building your startup with the right technical partners

Cem Ciftgul / APRIL 27, 2017
Building your startup with the right technical partners

It’s a common discussion topic for startups whether to develop in-house or to outsource.

If you consider building your own startup and know a technical developer who is either your good old friend or at least someone in your network that you can trust, then it is definitely the best way to build a startup together with a reliable technical co-founder who won’t leave you alone at a certain point in time.

The break-up of technical developers/co-founders is one of the major reasons why most start-ups fail. Therefore, don’t feel uncomfortable sharing your ownership with a technical co-founder that you really trust. The idea alone does not mean anything if you don’t have a reliable team to build it together.


On the other hand, if you don’t have a reliable technical developer who can build your idea together with you, or if you need more developers to build it together, then it’s better that you find and hire a great technical team that can deliver you a turn-key MVP, so that you can validate your business idea before going too deep in coding with someone you just met and hardly rely on.

I’ve experienced similar problems trying to build my startup ideas and I made many mistakes as any entrepreneur would. But now, I help other startups to bring their ideas to life with our new startup called Proteams.

Launched in February 2017, Proteams is a digital services marketplace designed for European startups and SMEs to outsource their digital projects. On, we connect startups, and even larger corporations together with top development teams that can deliver great turn-key products, enable them to save up to 50% of their development costs compared to full-time employment, and offer high-quality services.


Our member teams are all selected among the top boutique agencies or freelancers in mobile, web, or new technologies such as augmented/virtual reality, IoT and more. We select our teams based on certain criteria such as strong references, high-quality services, experience level, specific technical or creative skills, communication skills, and of course, competitive pricing. Besides, all our teams are located in Europe, so that you won’t face with time-zone differences or any cultural/communication issues as you might with other developers overseas. As a result, we eliminate all the risks that you may face in typical freelancer platforms.

We monitor all the process to make sure everything is on track. Our project coordinator supports you all the way through your project, reviewing each milestone of the process carefully until the delivery of final output.

So when you feel ready to validate your business idea, visit, choose which service you need to kick-start your MVP and just post your project. The rest is up to us to get you the best quote from our members or in-house development team.