Country Manager - Sweden


We are looking for a Country Manager and Co-founder for Sweden, who is experienced in either IT sales, IT procurement, or IT project management with a strong business network, and native Swedish language.

We expect that the candidate to lead and promote our commercial activities, by creating new channels, promoting the business model to the executives from the top 20 enterprises in Sweden that can potentially become customers of our hyper-care freelance outsourcing service, covering 3 main business lines:

  1. Projects: We build freelancer teams for all types of digital projects (i.e. web & mobile apps, custom systems, MS services, RPA implementation, AR, AI and etc.). We manage the freelancer team, keep the codes secure, and make sure that the output is delivered on time and as promised. (Read more here:

  2. Products: We provide already-built products with a subscription-based service model (PaaS), so that our clients save months on development, go to market instantly after implementation and pay only a fraction of the development and maintenance costs. (Read more here:

  3. Teams: We help our clients extend their teams by hiring freelancers, who can support them either remotely or on-site with flexible terms. (Read more here:

Role Responsibilities:

* Promoting the benefits of freelancing / on-demand work and the value-add that we provide around this concept for the leading enterprises 

* Acquiring new clients from the top 20 enterprises in Sweden

* Being present on-site as a part of the hyper-care enterprise service, evaluating incoming requests, and engaging with the clients

* Supervising projects and making sure that each milestone is met, and the service is delivered with success. (note: Projects are managed by our technical project managers)

* Execute strategic partnerships

* Building a network among existing and potential clients to reinforce the communication and collaboration on the freelancing for the enterprise

Key Requirements:

* Excellent communication and presentation skills 

* Strong business network

* Relevant experience in IT / digital

* Demonstrated ability to manage complex, multi-faceted relationships, with both internal and external stakeholders

* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

* Degree from a leading university

* Proven track record of exceeding expectations as a manager

* A self-starter who is able to work independently and navigate across a global organization

* Strong knowledge of marketing and performance measurement

* Passion for digital products and services 

* Business level fluency in both Swedish and English, and be ready to represent Proteams in meetings and events.

If you like the opportunity and want to hear more about it, then please apply here:

Country Manager - Sweden